Mitote Food Park

I am so excited this is now open! I try a different food truck every time I go there. Every Latin region has its own style and flavors and this food is authentic. There’s also a bar with local beer, wine, and specialty cocktails. Everything is outside, people share picnic tables and get to know each other. There’s music playing, kids runnin’ around. I love it! – NS

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Take a trip with Out There Santa Rosa, hosted by Mustafa Tolosa, and learn more about the Mitote Food Park located in Roseland.

MITOTE: a place devoted to celebrating heritage and culture through food, music, and arts.

Roseland is home to the largest Latino population in Santa Rosa. The heart of the neighborhood is home to the very first Mexican Food Park in Northern California. The Mitote Food Park is open 7 days a week.

Local Food Trucks from the North Bay offer you a taste of different cuisines in Mexico: Oaxaca, Jalisco, Michoacan, Yucatan, and Mexico City.

You’ll be surprised to find guests from other corners of the world, including Asian, African, European, and South American food.

The Mitote Food Park was created during the pandemic and is considered a Pandemic Project – Outdoor Dining, Food Trucks, and Much More.


Mustafa interviews Albert Lerma, Operations Manager of Mitote Food Park.

They launched their soft opening and hosted the Mural Project. Check out the fiesta vibe of this outdoor food park and bar!

Mustafa interviews Mercedes the creator of the Soco Market.

This is an outdoor community market created to give small, Millennial-owned businesses an opportunity to connect with the community and grow their businesses. You’ll find local crafts, artists, vintage clothes, and jewelry.

Mustafa interviews Santa Rosa Artist Joshua Lawyer of The Mural Project.

The Mural Project discovers untapped artistic talent in communities that crave a thriving art scene. They offer opportunities for promising artists to create murals that will beautify their communities and make a statement in the larger art world.